Align and Flow Yoga:

A  Hatha Yoga based class, where the instructor places primary importance on alignment, working more deeply unravelling the fascia and improper muscle memory, as well as emphasizing breath work to encourage proper, safe and deeper movement

Booty Barre Plus:

A class based on Tracey Mallet’s method, starting with a warm up, followed by a 10 min intense upper body work, then 30 plus min of a barre segment involving lower body endurance. Class wraps up with a 10 min core work (abs and back) on the mat, followed by a 5 min well deserved stretch. All classes are taught by Monica, who is certified by Booty Barre.

Cardio & Booty Barre:

The Booty Barre method here gets pumped up with extra cardio short segments in order to get everybody's metabolism fired up and ready for the weekend!  

Power Pilates:

An Intermediate to Advanced level class where the Pilates technique is enhanced by the use of props such as the stability ball, roller, toning balls, flex band or dumbells for added resistance. The routine involves standing work followed by mat exercises.

Pilates Fusion:

A Pilates Mat Flow class with use of various props to enhance strength and flexibility challenges. Different fitness methods, from gym work, through ballet barre, and yoga, are incorporated to build a unique Pilates based workout every time you step into the classroom.